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Having Trouble with a Video Event?

If you are having trouble with a video event in progress, please call the CENIC Network Operations Center at (714) 220-3494 for assistance.

K20video.org offers video-over-IP services including multi-point videoconferences and webcasting abilities. K20video.org gives campus videoconference administrators the ability to schedule their own videoconferences directly. Videoconference administrators can create single occurrence conferences, recurring conferences, and manage existing conferences, including changing conference dates, times, and number of sites.

We recommend all videoconference administrators take advantage of CENIC's online training for K20video.org, which can be found at http://training.cenic.org/. You can use your existing account or create a new one by selecting "Create an account" in the upper right corner of the main page. Be sure to get started right away so you can begin to enjoy the added features and flexibility of K20video.org.

When you have completed your training you can set up your account at K20video.org and begin scheduling conferences. Any questions should be directed to the CENIC Video Services desk via e-mail to SchedDesk@cenic.org or by phone at (714) 220-3465.

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